A Message from Pastor Thom

I’m so grateful and excited that we get to come together in these small groups to share, dream, pray and wait on God in this next chapter for New Hope. Much has changed since our modest beginnings just over 20 years ago in a living room and little wooden barn in Jordan, then 10 years at Jordan Public School before building here at 1st Street Louth & Rykert in 2013!

The journey has been exciting, and a little scary at times, as we stepped out in faith at each new ‘stretch & grow’ season for us. We have seen our Father’s faithfulness as He continued to refine the vision and mission of New Hope Church. We continued to see His faithfulness as He taught us the important art of pivoting as we pressed into Him for so many new ways to do ministry through and after covid.

We have continued to see Him work in and through us as we pledged to the current 3-year Kingdom Legacy Initiative with purposeful goals to Pass on truth, Plant families in Christ, Partner with God’s family, and Prepare His House! We moved forward with plans to build a new sanctuary, lobby, and a full wing of kid's church space. He continues to bring new people here to worship and know and love Him.

What a privilege that we get to partner with Christ as He grows His church! Our leadership team has worked hard to prepare details of what we prayerfully and humbly think God is calling us to with this, (fifth initiative) “ONE Church... Filling Niagara with Worship”.

Our hope is that together we will pray asking God how He would have us participate, listen for His reply, and then move forward together as we step out in faith to obey what He has said to us.

Watch the ONE CHURCH Vision Briefing

Where We Are Today

We have continued to preach biblical truth here at the corner of Rykert & First St Louth...in our parking lot, in our building, at schools, at a park, in tents, and recently at the Meridian Center. He has taken us from 2 services to 4 services on a Sunday, and 3 services during the week for Sr. Youth, Jr. Youth, and Young Adults. He’s given us a 2nd wing of space for ministries, and tents for a lobby! And God continues to bless us as He brings so many amazing new people to New Hope. People who are searching and getting to know Jesus and receiving him as their Saviour, being baptized, attending, giving, serving, being discipled in LifeGroups and youth groups. So where are we today? The walls and parking lot are still stretched thin...and we still have a ways to go before we can build an extended footprint. As a church, we have been praying and asking God for our next steps. Although we’ve dreamed of additional service sites, we thought they would be launched after building the new lobby and sanctuary. Now after much asking and listening, we think that God is giving us a new timeline for multiple service sites with a build to follow. We’re so excited to see what He will do in and through us now.

What Will Multi-Site Mean?

It means we will take our New Hope flavour—our values and vision and mission—to new sites across the Niagara Region!

Where  Are We Going?


Life Change

in ourselves as we respond to God, and in our church as we continue the mission.

Spiritual Growth

A shift in priorities and perspective, a change in heart as we trust and respond to God.

Spiritual Resistance

This is a bold move with clear intent to bring more light. Expect resistance...expect to arm yourself for battle.

An Awesome Experience of Joy

A story of how God moved in our lives and how He led and provided for our families. The story of God’s faithfulness and how He continues to grow His church here.

Ready to Ask, Listen and Obey?